Construction Repair NYC Specialized in All Kind Of Stone & Tile Work Which Include Customized Stone & Marble Cutting & Installing, Finishing & Installation of dimensional Color Stone, Custom Made Stone,Marble Steps,CANYON LEDGE,CLASSIC CUT,CASTLE STONE,TIMBER LEDGE,COUNTRY LEDGE,FIELD STONE, LIMESTONE,TUSCAN FIELD STONE,RIVER ROCK,QUICK FIT LEDGE,NATURAL STONE LEDGE,QUARTET STONE LEDGE,NATURAL STONE VENEER,SOUTHERN LEDGE STONE REPAIRS.
NEW YORK CITY Area’s largest Custom Stone Installation Cutting and Polishing Company. We offer a distinguished range of Ideas and expertise. Our specialists & professional Crew Always There To Help Your All Stone And Masonry Needs.Construction Repair NYC Projects Encompass Everything From Exterior & Interior Stone Installation & Renovations,Facades Renovations,Exteriors To Interior Custom Stone and

Tile & Marble Work. Whether it’s an Old House Renovation, New House Renovation or Building Renovation, New Expansion, New Construction, or Multi Complex RenovationProjects,team of highly trained construction professionals OSHA Licensed Workmanship.